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We are proud to be the first documentary to have screened officially in national and provincial government departments as part of their core research programmes on fracking.

Following the first leg of our Karoo campaign, it became abundantly clear that no Karoo residents had been consulted with by government. This was cause for huge alarm because, outside of sidelining the already marginalised, rural communities, it is a stringent legal requirement for the government to carry out public consultation when considering developments such as shale gas extraction. We made it a core part of our overall campaign to target government offices responsible for considering shale gas to host screenings and public discussions. This proved challenging due to the silo-ed nature of the South African government however, we are proud of having screened at 11 national and provinicial government meetings.



In order to reach more people across South Africa, we partnered with key organisations who are actively working on fracking campaigns and renewable energy drives.

Internationally, due to the critical amount of research that went into Unearthed, we have screened in several countries that are currently considering fracking and have partnered with many grassroots local groups and national environmental organisations. Unearthed has also been used in numerous studies to better understand what drilling down could mean for countries outside of the US.

University Screenings_web
Over the past year, Unearthed has screened at 35 universities and colleges across South Africa and abroad.

For countries that have no experience in shale gas extraction – like South Africa – centres of education and research have long been at the heart of the Unearthed campaign. We have screened at various schools, colleges and universities and have played a critical role in countless Honours, Masters and PhD theses. We have sat with students on a one-on-one basis to take them through our research sources and unseen footage and we have ensured that DVDs are available at all major campus libraries. We have held regular discussions with many inspiring, revolutionary young minds about development in Africa and energy security in South Africa.