In order to ensure that Unearthed remains an independent production across the board, any form funding or sponsorship that has been received by the project is entirely third party and nonpartisan to the debate on hydraulic fracturing.

The entire crew is working on a pro bono basis and have used their own capital to finance the production.


Executive Producers

  • Mr Ivor Keppler

An independent financial backer from Petermaritzburg, South Africa.


  • Stacey Keppler
  • Jolynn Minnaar





un•earthed has received an unbelievable amount of support from various independent companies and individuals. The production would like to express its sincere gratitude for their kind generosity.


  •    Zootee Productions

An fast emerging digital cinema rental store in Cape Town has kindly sponsored the documentary with camera and sound equipment.


  • Summer Shade

The brilliant local act, Summer Shade, have kindly allowed us to use their track “Dark Money” for the teaser video.