Unearthed praised for its approach

During the past week shooting in Cape Town, Unearthed has received significant praise for its efforts in uncovering the facts in an accurate and impartial manner.

Key figures involved in the ‘fracking’ debates and members of the press have commended the documentary’s independent approach and have expressed their excitement for its release.

Dr Roy Stauth, a respected environmental economist, said that the production of un•earthed has come at a crucial time where facts and figures or fair representation are hard to come by. His comments were made in light of media coverage and opposition parties that have tended to rely on “green rhetoric” rather than basing arguments on facts and exploring the various angles. “This documentary is exactly what South Africa needs. We need initiatives such as yours that consider all the complexities,” Stauth said.

Unearthed is proudly committed to its principles of thorough research and will continue to provide a platform for fair discussion where all sides of the arguments can be addressed. This approach is particularly necessary under the government’s current moratorium that seeks to carry out further investigation on the matter of potential hydraulic fracturing in the country.