Unearthed commended by Member of Parliament

Last week, Unearthed spoke to Gareth Morgan of the Democratic Alliance, Member of Parliament and the National Assembly and Shadow Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs.

We discussed the current state of the moratorium in South Africa and he shared his viewpoints from a governmental perspective. Issued at the end of April 2011, the moratorium called for further investigation into the matter of gas exploration. A task team, set up under the Department of Mineral Resources, is to carry out this research and present its findings to the relevant authorities.

Morgan stressed the importance of the moratorium phase as a critical time for further study into the unintended consequences around the fracturing process. He drew attention to the current legislation around mining in South Africa and the interpretation of these laws as they pertain to gas exploration. Morgan stressed the necessity for careful research that considers the country’s energy future in its analysis.

Morgan commended Unearthed’s academic, objective approach and its independent investigation into the matter of ‘fracking’ in South Africa. Aside from uncovering the facts, Morgan noted that the documentary would serve as a key study exploring the way in which South African citizens are able to communicate their opinions on matters of personal concern or national importance. Morgan encouraged the project as a case-study of everyday South Africans calling for more information and open discussion and, in doing so, ensuring the health of our democracy.