Unearthed – What’s in a name?

Whilst researching and during the first pre-production shoot in the Karoo, we immediately discovered a noticeable lack of information about the proposed plans for hydraulic fracturing. Many people we interviewed had never heard of the proposals and the local townsfolk and farmers that had, did not fully understand the method of energy extraction.-

In general, the media has relied on the few basic facts that are available or have gone the emotive rhetoric route and, on the other hand, there has been a lack of transparency from the parties that wish to introduce gas exploration – ironically enough, one of the major conditions that our constitution demands in the application process for such ventures.

Thus, one of our main objectives, is to unearth the facts – to focus on thorough research and investigate the matter from all the possible angles.
The public deserves to be enlightened on the topic – it concerns the very land that some people live on and, on a broader level, it concerns the energy futures of many countries across the world.


|ˌənˈərθ| verb [ trans. ]

  • To find something in the ground by digging.
  • To discover something hidden, lost or kept secret by investigating and searching.
  • To ascertain, bring to light, delve, determine, discover, exhume, expose, reveal and uncover.