US Environmental Protection Agency implicates hydraulic fracturing in ground water contamination in Wyoming, US

A list of articles on the recent findings from the US Environmental Protection Agency. On 8 December, the EPA announced for the first time that hydraulic fracturing – a process used in shale gas development – may be to blame for contaminating ground water in Pavillion, Wymoing.


via MSNBC: EPA: ‘Fracking’ Likely Polluted Town’s Water


via The Associated Press: EPA Theorizes Fracking-Pollution Link


via CBS News: EPA Suspects Fracking Linked to Pollution


via Ars Technica: How the EPA Linked “fracking” to Contaminated Well Water

via New York Daily News: Hydrofracking Push in New York May Be Derailed By Contaminated Water in Wyoming

via Forbes Magazine: Fracking Does Contaminate Groundwater – Carry On Drilling Regardless